What we’re doing

We want to uncover using original research why meetups are such as big part of the tech community. We’re looking to discover how we can ensure everyone involved, from attendees and organisers to speakers and sponsors, can get the most out of meetups, as well as if lockdown has affected the way the average member of the tech community approaches events.

We’re hopeful this research will prove useful to our community and give us advice on the best ways to help open the doors to potential meetup goers who’ve never attended an event before.

We’ve divided the research up so that everyone who takes part in meetups gets to share their unique perspective on how the tech community works, from speakers, attendees, organisers and sponsors. We hope you’ll take part and please fill out the survey/s that best fit your experience with your opinions and experiences on of meetups.

Speakers: https://forms.gle/sbPxQEdkvLpE1Ge56

Organisers: https://forms.gle/QkrEWQ12x1nhoTRd8

Sponsors: https://forms.gle/xpDx8oui5eRHsxnt8

Attendees: https://forms.gle/phhiHARKJGy9cZUs8

The surveys are anonymous and only take a minute! Once we’ve gathered enough expertise, we will be writing up a report which will be free to read and access for all. This is so the whole community can benefit from our findings!

If you have any queries, you can reach out to Megan and Kat via direct messages on the Slack channel. Or you can email us at teckcamp@tecknuovo.com